What Is A Signet Ring And Why Wear One?

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What Is A Signet Ring And Why Wear One?

A signet ring is a ring that was worn by kings, their officers and the important personalities in the olden times. The ring has letter or designs carved on it. It was worn when taking an important decision or signing a will or some document. It was considered to be something high-class as only those with the best ranks wore it. It could not be passed on to your child because it was awarded to specific people only. As times changed, the significance attached to Signet rings changed too. Even today, there are multiple reasons to wear a Signet ring. Some are explained below:

Signet Ring


Those in want of flair and flamboyance should get a Signet ring as it is costly, another reason is that only limited brands make these rings. If you want to appear unique and impressive, you can buy a Signet ring.



Unlike old times, these rings run within the same families. People take pride in having a Signet ring as they are passed down from father to his son and this is how they become precious heirlooms. An example is the custom family Crest ring people get made now.


Seal of Authenticity

In Rome and Greece, the authenticity of a ruler or an authoritative person was identified by the possession of ring by him. So it is also a seal of authenticity.


Mark of Nobility

The purpose of the ring was to be worn only by noblemen. The ring was made for them only so it is also an emblem of nobility for many.


Sign of a gentleman

It is considered that a Signet ring is the sign of a gentleman. There are many reasons for it. Hundreds of years ago, the reason was that only kings and other noblemen wore it. These days, people who have knowledge of history and are rich buy these rings. Men with a strong code of morals or belonging to well-to-do families are labelled as gentlemen. So, it is all right to assume that only a gentleman would order a custom crest ring or a custom Signet ring. 


Range of Designs

A custom Signet ring that is commonly ordered now is available in many colours and designs. Since the variety is diverse, it is easy to get your own choice of a ring made. Custom jewellery is a trend now and not only women, but even men also look for places they can get customized jewellery from.


A Symbol of What You Stand For

Some people believe that the design you engrave on the ring is a sign of what you stand for. You get your beliefs engraved in a ring and then wear it as a symbol to show what you believe in.

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