Casino brands in Malaysia – BK8



Thought of trying your luck in an online casino during this pandemic?

Well, look no further as you have landed on the right article about online gambling for the pandemic that struck Malaysians.

We have heard a lot of news about how local businesses have lost their income due to pandemic problems.

From food hawker stall to shopping retailers, the pandemic has done much damage than the 1998 ASEAN economy crisis.

You may read this Facebook post about how bad is the situation ( in Malaysia

From hawker stall business that has been thriving for the last 30 years, and suddenly it’s no longer profitable and hawker stall owners have to look for an alternative way to keep their family alive.

That is when this online casino brand BK8 makes some viral news where several hawker business owners managed to win more than RM 5,000 every week.

In fact, BK8 is not a new brand in the market. They have been in the business since 2015 and reputable with their generous winning percentage and great bonus and promotion.

When looking for online casino brand to play, it is important to know that reputable brand such as BK8 is highly encouraged to play rather than new casino brand that just started.

Reason for this is because reputable online casino brands must have trusted payment solutions, good customer support, and game choices in the platform.

BK8 is the pioneer in online casino Malaysia and since they are one of the earliest online casino brands, they have amazing customer support to help with players that face any issues on their platform.